How to check address IP of newly connected Raspberry Pi?

In this post i will show you how to check IP address of your raspberry after you connect it to network.

New IP address in local network

  1. Check all of IP addresses in your local network
    1arp -a
  2. Connect Raspberry Pi to network
  3. Run again command from first step. New address on list will point to your device.

Recognize Raspberry Pi by MAC address

This method doesn't work when you use external network card (for example wi-fi usb). Run nmap with your local network IP address. It shows manufacturer based on MAC addresses of network cards.
MAC adresses of network cards used in Raspberry Pi are in range B8:27:EB:00:00:00 - B8:27:EB:FF:FF:FF.

1sudo nmap -sP -n

nmap mac
In this case IP address of my Raspberry Pi is